$4545 for Silicone Breast Implant Surgery,

$3333 for Saline Breast Implant Surgery*  

 If you choose silicone breast implants, your breast implants cost will be $4545. Or if you choose saline breast implants your breast implants cost is $3333. Both breast augmentation prices include FDA approved breast implants, board certified plastic surgeon fee, surgicenter fee, board certified anesthesia doctor fee. We don't even charge for parking. 

We have cosmetic surgery financing available for your breast augmentation surgery through CareCredit. You will have to qualify for the financing, and there are fees and interest associated with the financing. 

  You may pay by credit card for the breast augmentation surgery, but we only take Visa or Mastercard. 

  You may also pay by personal check at least 10 days in advance of your surgery, or by cashier check 3 days in advance of your breast augmentation. 

Safety Questions

Breast Augmentation

Q: Are silicone breast implants safe?

A: The FDA states that silicone breast implants are "safe and effective." In 2012 there were nearly 1/3 of a million breast implant procedures, and 72% chose silicone breast implants, 28% chose saline breast implants. 

Q: What are some potential complications of breast implant  surgery?

A: Complications of breast implant surgery include but are not limited to implant rupture, infection, scarring, and hardening around the breast implant called "capsular contracture." There are also risks to the surgery itself and anesthesia for the breast implant surgery.  Your surgeon will discuss your concerns about breast augmentation and ways to reduce risks of complications in detail at your consultation.  

Q: Why do I have to stop aspirin, ibuprofen, herbs and vitamins before breast implant surgery?

A:  Anti-inflammatories, many herbal products and some vitamin products have blood thinning properties which could increase risk of bleeding during or after your breast implant surgery. The safest thing is to avoid them before and after your surgery. It is OK to take acetaminophen as a pain reliever if you need something before breast implant surgery. Let your surgical team know what medicines and supplements you take well ahead of surgery so we can optimize them for your breast implant surgery.

Your Newport Beach breast implant surgeon will be a leading board certified plastic surgeon, with years of breast augmentation experience and awards. Likewise your anesthesiologist will be an experienced and award winning board certified anesthesiology Doctor. All are trained at top USA college, medical school and residency programs. 

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Q:Does the breast augmentation cost include anesthesia fees?

A: Yes the anesthesia fee is included in both the $3333 saline breast implants cost of surgery or the $4545 silicone breast implants cost. We practice Rest Assure anesthesia, which means you will have a board certified anesthesiologist with years of experience provide your care. You will have the ability to personally meet your anesthesia doctor before the day of your breast implant surgery. We will take the time to go over your medications, pre-op and post operative instructions so we can optimize your breast augmentation recovery. 

Q: Does the breast augmentation cost include the surgicenter fee?

A: Yes, the facility fees for the Newport Center for Special Surgery are included in both the $3333 saline breast implant surgery cost and the $4545 silicone breast implants cost. The Newport Center for Special Surgery has has specialized in plastic surgery since 1996. Other centers may do gastrointestinal procedures or treat people with diseases. We think this can be a source of cross contamination for germs that can make you sick. Silicone breast implants and saline breast implants can get infected. We are finicky about sterility for your breast augmentation surgery, and we hope you are too. 

Q: Does the breast augmentation cost include post operative medications? 

A: No, you will need to buy any prescriptions your surgeon writes for you. Your breast augmentation surgeon will typically give you an antibiotic, a pain medicine, and an anti-nausea medication. These are usually available as brand name or generic.  

Q: Does the location of the breast augmentation incision change the price?

A: No. The costs of breast implants for the saline breast augmentation or  silicone breast implant surgery is the same regardless of where you and your Newport Beach breast surgeon chose to make the incision, whether under the nipple, at the breast fold, or in the armpit. However, studies support a lower risk of breast encapsulation with the incision at the breast fold.

Q: How long does the breast augmentation surgery take?

A: It is rare for the breast implant surgery itself to last more than an hour and a half. You will spend at least another half hour in the recovery room after your surgery.

Patient Testimonials

Patient Satisfaction Questionnaire

Here are some comments from actual patients wrote on the patient satisfaction questionnaire given to patients on discharge after their breast implant surgery.

The question is: What did you like the most about the Newport Center for Special Surgery?

  • "All the people that work there-Wonderful people"
  • "The staff was efficient, caring and professional."
  • "Great people-would use this facility again"
  • "The experience of the doctor and staff"
  • "Awesome staff and respectful"
  • "Friendliness of the staff made me feel comfortable"
  • "Everyone created a fun, whimsical / professional atmosphere. Thank you so much"
  • "Personal attention and explanations"